Tel: 0208 428 9310,  Fax: 0208 386 7769 Mobile: 07932 159 321, Email: Softeners installed outside with protective removable cover Our economy exterior ply outdoor softener enclosure. Designed to cover a softener no more than  510 mm high Instruction guide on how to install a water softener outside New: Extra large outside cabinet in Grey Aluminium now available For softeners up to 580mm high. Instruction guide on how to assemble our new Grey Aluminium Outside cabinet Plywood outside cabinet Grey Aluminium outside cabinet

Internal Dimensions = H 580 x W 510m x D 335mm

External Dimensions = H 620 x W 600 x D 385mm

Internal Dimensions = H 510mm x W 515mm x D 280mm

External Dimensions = H 560mm x W 625mm x D 335mm